Adoption Costs

Caring Adoptions was founded and continues to operate on the premise of facilitating adoptions at the lowest possible cost for Adoptive Parents.  Because of this premise, Caring Adoptions offers one of the lowest cost domestic adoptions in the State of Texas.  Unlike most agencies that “cost average” to cover all contingencies, we pass through only the actual expenses of their Birthmother to Adopting parents.

Working together, the Staff and the Birthmother develop a financial plan approved by the Adoptive Parents to be followed during the assistance period allowed by Texas Department of Family and Protective Services standards.  This ensures that only agreed upon and necessary expenditures are paid out.

Where possible, Caring Adoptions pays expenses directly to the service provider rather than giving cash to the Birthmother.  This is important to control expenditures and ensure that the Birthmother receives the agreed upon services.

Birthmothers are assisted in obtaining Medicare, Food Stamps and other social benefits to which they are entitled.  This further reduces the risk to Adoptive Parents and provides security for the Birthmother after the completion of her Individualized Adoption Plan.

When you select Caring Adoptions as your agency, you will receive information in your application package that will help you compute your estimated adoption costs based on recent actual adoptions facilitated by Caring Adoptions.