Overview – Adopting a Child

Adopting an infant or child is a labor of love, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! Caring Adoptions facilitates matching parents with children to create families, working to help families adopt in Texas.

Caring Adoptions has been finding families for children since 1991 and will work with you to understand your family’s needs and match you with a child. Caring Adoptions is one of the most cost efficient adoption agencies in Texas. We offer a monthly “Adoption 101 orientation“, free of charge, to introduce you to the adoption process. Or, if you prefer, you can schedule a one-on-one appointment with us.

Caring Adoptions believes a family is defined by love, and the capacity to love, nurture and support a child. We support adoption by traditional couples, same sex couples and singles. There are no religious requirements of any kind.

Caring Adoptions Is Unique—Our Staff and Board are Adoptive Parents

Most of the Founders and Staff of Caring Adoptions are Adoptive Parents.  Staff members together have seven domestic adopted children.  The Caring Adoptions Staff not only can tell you about domestic adoption, they can share their experiences and understand your concerns and needs.  Infertility is not an abstract concept—it is a reality that these Staff and Board Members have experienced.

Services for Adoptive Parents:

Whether you have made the decision to adopt or are just beginning to evaluate adoption options, Caring Adoptions is here to help you.  Caring Adoptions provides Adoptive Parents:

  • Affordable Adoptions
  • Birthmother options and efficient case management
  • Guidance by a caring and experienced Staff
  • Home Study documentation
  • Parent education
  • Legal resources
  • Support activities
  • Counseling
  • Post-placement supervision