Making your Decision

The decision to place a child for adoption is a serious and life changing one, both for you and for your child. You have the responsibility and the right to make a decision in your child’s best interest. By participating in the adoption process, you take control of your child’s future, giving them the gift of a loving, stable home that you choose for them.

Our staff is experienced in discussing your concerns and fears with you. Counseling from a licensed marriage and family therapist is also available.

Your involvement in the adoption process depends on your needs. Once you have chosen Adoptive Parents, the Caring Adoptions Staff will work with both parties to insure that there is a mutual understanding as to the details of the Adoption Plan.  Caring Adoptions believes you should decide:

  • The type of adoption – open, semi-open or closed
  • Extent of contact with the Adopting Parents during the pre-delivery process
  • Adopting Parents involvement at the hospital
  • Frequency of information and photographs exchanged following placement

You can take control of your life and help impact the life of your child by making an adoption plan.  We can help you.