Due to COVID-19 our classes are being held via Zoom by appointment only.
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Are you considering adopting a child to begin or grow your family? Are you unsure of what the qualifications are? How much it costs? Or even the steps to take to start the process? Then learning the basics in our Adoption 101: Orientation Class is for you! But, If you are already comfortable with the basics, then our Advanced Parenting and Adoption Classes is your next step in your adoption journey.

The Adoption 101: Orientation Class hosted by Caring Adoptions is presented free of charge to prospective Adoptive Parents.

The Adoption 101: Orientation Class will teach you about adoption and help you decide if it is the right fit for you and your family. We will explore the process of adoption, what it takes to adopt, and how Caring Adoptions can guide you through the process. We will discuss requirements, the home study process, what you can expect financially, how we match birthparents to families, the legalities of adoption, what to expect after placement, and so much more.

Since everyone’s adoption journey is unique, our one-on-one style orientation is only for you and your familyIt is essential to develop a relationship with just you and your family and provide an environment where you feel comfortable discussing personal details and asking questions.

This class is offered by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule a time to meet with a family coordinator. 

Call us at 281-920-4300 or email vortega@caringadoptions.org


Some of the Parent Education Classes offered at Caring adoption include Adoption Workshops, First Aid, CPR, Baby 101, Development — Infant through Toddler, and a class on What Teratogens Are and How to Avoid Them.

In addition to these classes and more, Caring Adoptions is always working to add new and helpful classes to our parent education schedule.  

The Adoption Journey — Facing Realities to Pursuing Your Dream is a  half day session we offer which includes presentations from past adoptive families.

All of these classes are open to Caring Adoptions’ adoptive parents-to-be.  

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