A homestudy is a document that describes the potential adopting family’s history, background, household, finances, etc. This document will state if the family is approved for adoption. A homestudy is needed to adopt in any state and is required before a family can have placement of a child. 

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Caring Adoptions offers homestudy only options for families adopting through other agencies, attorneys, from family members or any other situation where a homestudy is needed. Caring Adoptions only provides homestudies for domestic situations at this time. The Homestudy only process requires documentation to be filled out and turned in before a home visit would be conducted. The paperwork process can be lengthy, but does depend on how fast paperwork is filled out and turned in. Families take approximately 2 to 3 months at this stage in the process. After all paperwork is received a Caring Adoption staff member would visit the home and look around the home for potential dangers and discuss this with the family if any changes needed to be made to the home. During the visit each family member living in the home would be interviewed. The person or couple adopting would have individual as well as joint interviews. The home visit process takes approximately 2 to 4 hours.

Once the home visit is completed the staff member will write up the homestudy document to include the information provided as well as the interviews. Once it is completed the agency will meet to approve the study. After that the family will be contacted to let them know that it has been done and approved. After that Caring Adoptions will submit the homestudy to any agency/entity that needs to obtain it, as stated in the agreement signed by the family prior to conducting the homestudy process. In total the process takes about three months to complete, but can be completed in as little as one month dependent on paperwork being submitted.

In Texas a homestudy is good for one year and then requires an update. If there are any major changes in the home during that year the homestudy will also require to be updated. The update process with Caring Adoptions is a about a one hour visit in the home to discuss any changes since the initial visit, along with one form to be completed. 

If you would like to inquiry about completing a homestudy with Caring Adoptions please contact us for pricing and to start the process. 

Also, if needed Caring Adoptions can also provide post placement visits.

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