Creating an Adoption Plan

Birthmothers appreciate our objective to “Find Families For Children.”  This means our emphasis is on the best plan for your child.  Our Staff will provide the necessary resources and counseling to enable you to decide whether adoption is in the best interests of your child.   We appreciate that this is a significant, difficult and caring decision.

Services Included in Your Adoption Plan:

  • Personalized attention and understanding
  • Approved living expenses
  • Medical Expenses
  • Housing Assistance for independent living
  • Transportation to and from medical services and counseling appointments
  • Selection of an Adoptive Family
  • Pre-adoption counseling
  • Post-adoption counseling
  • Legal resources

 Birthmothers Design Their Own Individualized Adoption Plan

Caring Adoptions Staff will guide you in designing your Individualized Adoption Plan. 

  • Your plan will include needs you identify, such as financial, medical, housing and transportation.
  • Your plan will be flexible and include your desires in regard to matters such as independent living, type of adoption and criteria for Adoptive Parents.
  • Your plan will include confidential counseling with Staff members experienced in working with Birthmothers.  If you wish, counseling will be arranged with an independent licensed professional.

Your initial Individualized Adoption Plan is a guide to be followed throughout the adoption process.  It will be redesigned as your needs change and to recognize agreements between you and the Adoptive Parents you select.

Birthmothers Choose the Adoptive Parents

Your Individualized Adoption Plan includes information to enable our Staff to identify Adopting Parents meeting your criteria.  Profiles prepared by qualified Adopting Parents will be shown to you.  These persons have been screened to meet the Adoption Standards of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Birthmothers Choose the Type of Adoption

You select your level of involvement in the adoption process, by selecting the type of adoption:

  • Open – Complete identifying information exchanged; on-going contact both pre and post-placement
  • Semi-open – Some identifying information shared; meet either pre-delivery or at hospital; no direct communication following placement; on-going exchange of pictures and letters, usually through the agency
  • Closed – No identifying information shared; no contact before or after adoption; no on-going information of child shared
  • Designated – Birthmother independently selects Adoptive Parents

Caring Adoptions Staff work with both you and the Adoptive Parents to determine the terms of contact in the relationship both “pre” and “post” placement.  The Staff will work to ensure the agreements are honored by both parties.

Support services are available to you as the Birthmother, plus support for children you may be parenting.  Contact us at or call 866-603-7162.