Family Testimonials

It is hard to believe that in less than two weeks our baby girl will be turning six months old. It is even harder to believe that less than a year and a half ago, we had no idea that our families would be touched and completed by such a beautiful and charming baby girl. Richard and I can’t say, “thank you” enough to Caring Adoptions, and everyone that works there, for being the “avenue” which lead us to our Elisabeth. Most importantly, Richard and I want to thank you for being “real people” in the process. You do what you do because you believe in ADOPTION. Most of your staff has gone through the adoption process. Knowing that you can/could empathize with all of the “ups” and “downs” of what can be an emotional process MEANT something then, just as it still means something to us today. We don’t feel like we are/have been alone in the process. The social events and monthly meetings for adoptive parents have meant that we’ve been able to get the emotional support that we needed in our journey. I know that those meetings have a dual purpose….but we have appreciated them for the support that they have meant for us. Richard and I would gladly encourage any family who was looking to adopt to take “the leap”, and to start by picking up the phone and calling Caring Adoptions. Our lives will never be the same (for the better) because we did.

– Kristen

Our journey to adopting our son Kaden began with several attempts at IVF which ended in miscarriage and heartache. As we mourned the loss of our last baby, we began to explore adoption, one of our closest friends recommended that we contact Stephanie Warren at Caring Adoptions as our friend trusted Stephanie and knew that we would be in good hands. We spoke to Stephanie and she answered our many questions with patience and we decided to put our trust in her and Caring Adoptions. The road was not easy, but Stephanie and the staff at Caring Adoptions remained calm and steadfast in helping calm our fears, concerns and worries. When we were presented with our birth mom after she chose us from the books presented to her, we felt hopeful but still nervous that things may not go our way. However, our day came when our birth mother gave birth to our beautiful son Kaden, and although it was sad and difficult for our birth mom, she stayed the course and we left the hospital with our gorgeous baby boy. Stephanie remained patient and calm with us as we expressed our fears and we feel lucky to work with such a kind and knowledgeable group of people. Kaden is definitely a blessing and one that would not have been possible without the dedication of Stephanie and the staff at Caring Adoptions. We will be eternally grateful.

-Jackie & Jennifer

I started with Caring Adoptions in March of 2011. I knew going in trying to adopt being a single prospective parent would be challenging and the wait time may be long. After 3 years and many bumps in the road I was finally matched with a Birth mom expecting twins. I was very grateful for Pat, Stephanie, Carol, and the other team members at Caring for leading me through the journey and being a great support system. Pat always welcomed me with open arms when things got tough and Stephanie dealt with the Birth Mothers everyday issues during and after the delivery which is a very difficult task. It has been 2 years and not a day goes by that I do not thank God for my babies and Caring Adoptions.

– A.O.

We chose Caring Adoptions because the caring staff and their commitment to care for everyone in the adoption process. They care about the well being of the baby, the birth mother, and the potential parents.

It is extremely difficult for a birth mother to part ways with her child and they provide care and emotional support for the birth mother. I want my children to know that their moms not only had a birth plan but there was also a caring atmosphere for them when they were in the womb.

Caring Adoptions also helped my wife and I with emotional support we needed during the process as it was an emotional roller coaster. Adoption is not easy process as there are peaks and valleys. What helps us get through those valleys were our faith and Caring Adoptions providing the support system that we needed. They also linked us with other potential parents and parents that had gone through the adoption process. We are all from different backgrounds but we all wanted one thing and that was to be parents. To this day, Caring Adoptions provide a safe haven not only for birth mothers but for adoptive parents to express their fears and concerns under a blanket of caring.

– Johnny & LaToya

Our journey to our “happy ending” has been a long and sometimes bumpy road. The joy that we have found by the recent placement of our daughter has made it all fade away. Our experience, this time, is exactly what we had pictured when we started this process. I was able to experience my daughter come into this world and even got to cut the cord. There are absolutely no words to describe the feelings that take over you at that moment. It is something I hope every adoptive parent gets to experience. The agency was there through the up and down roller coaster. You hear stories from other adoptive parents about “the 48 hours” and how stressful they are and they were so right. The agency walked us through any questions and concerns we had during that time. Walking out of the hospital with my daughter was one of the happiest moments of my life that I thought would never come. We were matched with out birth mother in a little different process, but it is amazing how our relationship has developed. Everyday I think about the gift she has given us and try to find words to express my feelings into words for her; I don’t know how well I do because there are no words to describe it. Our dream came true and it could not be anymore perfect.

– Scott & Cambria

Caring Adoptions was such a blessing to us. After a failed adoption with another agency, that was terribly mishandled, we found an organization with people that truly cared about details, timeliness and being helpful. Every person we encountered at CA was kind, smart, lovely and really wanted to help us at every turn. I’d recommend CA without hesitation – and am open to talking to prospective adoptive parents as needed. Y’all made our dreams come true, in a professional, caring and smart way. THANK YOU.

– Christina & Gaylan

We love Caring Adoptions.  Everyone there cares so much about the adoptive families, the birth mothers, and of course the babies.  They’re truly watching out for everyone’s best interest and want to get the right match. The whole staff is there to answer any questions you have during the process (and it is definitely a process), and they are there with you from beginning to end.  They’re willing to work with anyone, regardless of their situation.  You won’t be a number to Stephanie, Valerie, Pat, Susan, Carol, Jamie, Jody and Tory – I truly believe they love all of their families, birth and adoptive.

– Tim & Jamie