About Us

Caring Adoptions is a full service adoption agency that has been finding families for children since 1991. Although located in Houston, Caring Adoptions works with Birthmothers throughout Texas, and Adoptive Parents throughout Texas and the United States.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Birthmother placement services, housing, nutrition, clothing, health care, counseling, living/pregnancy related services, and ongoing support and resources
  • Child health care, counseling, “Cradle Care,” and ongoing support and resources
  • Adoptive Parent(s) Counseling, financial resources, home study and adoption processing in accordance with TDFPS minimum standards, placement, ICPC (if applicable), post placement, adoption finalization, support activities, parent education, and ongoing support and resources
  • Charitable Assistance to Birth families

All of our case workers have many years’ worth of adoption experience. These credentials enable Caring Adoptions to work with all members of the adoption triad – the Birth Family, Adoptive Family, and the Child – to ensure a successful adoption placement.